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At CK Management and Consultant Group, we are more than just a consulting firm – we are your resolute partners in growth and success. As a veteran-owned business, we bring a unique blend of discipline, commitment, and strategic thinking to every project we undertake. Our team of certified and experienced professionals is deeply enthusiastic about empowering our clients to excel in their endeavors.

Cheryl Monroe

Business Strategy Consultant

Experience + Success

We have dedicated leaders and executives with 28+ years of extensive global experience performing supply chain management, logistics, project management, and operational contracts. A proven record in leading, team building, managing multiple project teams, and budgets ranging from $1M to $125M with optimal return on investment identifying key requirements to execute business goals while meeting critical deadlines and establishing operational process improvements.

The CEO is a certified Business Coach and experienced writer of reform-based policy and regulatory direction. She served as a military representative on the interoperability working group with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization conducting strategic engagements with elements from twenty-eight nations developing strategies and defining processes for supply chain management and sustainment transformation.

“Our value lies in delivering tangible results that maximize your profitability, optimize operations, and unlock your organization’s full potential.”


Doing Business with the Government

Project Management Consultant

Logistics And Integrated Supply Chain Management Consultant

Our objective is to propel individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations toward their fullest potential. We believe that success is built on a solid foundation of problem-solving, innovation, and continuous process improvements. With these ethos at our core, we work tirelessly to identify challenges, design effective solutions, and implement strategies that drive sustainable growth.

Above & Beyond

We are dedicated to driving transformative change. Whether you're an individual striving for personal growth, a small business aiming for expansion, or a non-profit organization with a mission to fulfill, we're here to guide you on your journey to success. Your vision is our mission, and together, we will shape a brighter future.


Consultant who actively listen to their challenges, goals, and concerns


Consultant to understand their business, industry, and unique circumstances


Consultant who possess specialized knowledge and expertise in relevant business areas


Consultant focused on delivering measurable results